The Year's Work In Medievalism

The Year's Work in Medievalism (YWiM) is a peer-reviewed scholarly publication that is based upon, but not restricted to, the proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Medievalism. YWiM provides a codisciplinary medium of exchange for scholars in all fields, including the visual and other arts, interested in the post-medieval reception of medieval culture, both scholarly and popular. Contact the editors, Edward L. Risden (St. Norbert), or Richard Utz (Georgia Tech), concerning submissions to forthcoming volumes. To start the submission process, click here.

Vol 27 (2012)

Table of Contents


From the Editor PDF
Richard Utz, Edward L. Risden
“It’s the Middle Ages, Yo!”: Race, Neo/medievalisms, and the World of Dragon Age PDF
Helen Young
A Quest for the Black Knight: Casting People of Color in Arthurian Film and Television PDF
Kathryn Wymer
Dante as Sam Spade: Seymour Chwast’s Adaptation of the Commedia PDF
Karl Fugelso
The Deflation of the Medieval in Joyce's Ulysses PDF
William Sayers
Smearing the Medieval: Architectural Objects and Time Travel in Amnesia: The Dark Descent PDF
Matthew Schwager
The More Things Change: Maria Edgeworth’s “The Modern Griselda” PDF
Alison Ganze Langdon
(Re)casting the Past: The Cloisters and Medievalism PDF
Nicholas M. Utzig
The Pocket Venus: Iconography and Intimacy in Victorian Miniatures PDF
Nanette Thrush
Making Sacrifices: Beowulf and Film PDF
Nick Haydock