Since Ernest Boyer’s seminal 1990 report, Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate, there has been a wealth of literature on what is termed the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL). Parallel to this movement has been a rapid development in digitally enhanced learning methods and technologies, also referred to as Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). Though TEL has produced numerous practices for application within Higher Education, there has been a lack of literature examining how TEL might overlap, and be informed by, the theoretical frameworks within SoTL. The Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning (SoTEL) is a new branch of Boyer’s model of scholarship.

IJSoTEL explores the intersection of SoTL and TEL, and how SoTEL might embody this new form of scholarship within Higher Education. This peer-reviewed quarterly journal publishes penetrating research, commentary, theory, and other scholarly projects that investigate the Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning. Faculty interested in doing SoTL or educational research in their classes, educational technologists, instructional designers, educational researchers, and other academic professionals are all encouraged to submit their work. Please contact the editors with any questions.

Types of Submissions
1.Articles: Essays or reports documenting completed SoTEL projects; theoretical or scholarly papers, systematic reflections, syntheses of literature, or reports on the field (3,000-10,000 words).
2. Discussion: informed responses to articles in previous issues (1,500-5,000 words).
3. Innovation: systematic reflection through creative products or deliverables (1,000-10,000 words).
4. Reviews: reviews of books, external articles, web resources, or conferences (1,000-1,500 words).